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 Accelerate your teaching career today ...with a world leader in the game. Hank Haney !

learn how to be a golf instructor from hank haneyTeaching the game of golf is a lifetime learning process, and until now there have been few shortcuts. Improving quickly as a Golf Instructor requires help from a mentor who has the knowledge, reputation and experience to guide you through the process of creating a game plan. Developing the skills to be a great teacher requires a solid foundation of accurately analyzing and correcting swing mistakes. Hank's proven method will help you create the best game plan to achieve great results with all your students. Simply reading golf instruction books or magazines to establish a teaching style may never lead to the results you deserve to pass on to your students.

Now is your opportunity to study closely with Hank as he helps you build your knowledge and understanding of the teaching process. Hank and his Directors average over 27 years experience teaching golf this invaluable expertise is now exclusively available to those special students, instructors and pro’s who have the desire, drive and talent to take their teaching career to the next level.

We are now offering to share our Golf Instructor Training Methods with those who desire to be known as one of the world's best golf instructors.

Self Paced Training Program

Our self paced Associate Golf Instructor Certification Program is modeled after the intense training our own Staff Instructors go through to become recognized as Hank Haney Staff Instructors. Over the past 22 years, we have refined the training sequence to streamline the process of learning the fundamentals of becoming a great teacher.

Six Instructor Certification Levels

Our 6 Instructor Certification Levels are designed to be a A to Z Plan for your teaching career, first Hank will take you through the "Essentials of the Swing" to develop your knowledge of the Hank Haney methods. As you advanced through the Levels you will build and advance understanding of how Hank diagnoses swing mistakes and the principals to creating a 7 point Plan for improvement.

Golf instruction certificationGain Valuable Knowledge

You will also gain valuable knowledge of a wide range of subjects and technologies, like using today's video swing analyzers, advanced club design and fitting, how launch monitors can improve your teaching, biomechanics for golf, mental game training and much more.

Tools to Market Your Business

And being a knowledgeable Instructor is just the beginning, next you will have to market yourself and your products. We will walk you through the ins and outs of creating, marketing and running your teaching business. With the proper tools, Hank's world class teaching system....PLUS the added benefit of marketing yourself as a certified

Hank Haney Associate Golf Instructor... Come join us.

Teaching instructors how to become golf instructors How to move the club an important step in becoming a golf instructor